Skylanders Boomer
Boomer is a Troll who has a heart set on explosives. He loves blowing things up that is possible to blow up. Hes not like other Trolls out there. His mouth about covers most of his body, one eye is bigger than the other, and not much know this, but he has robotic arms and feet. He has a beard that grows down his legs to his knees, and he carries all of his explosives in his backpack made of belts and old fabric. His figurine is not that easy to find. He is a great character to use in Skylanders, and is the perfect Skylander to go against strong enemies like Magma Walkers, Lava Kings, Ultrons, and Bullies. Theres nothing wrong if you have Boomer on a hard level.


As a young troll, Boomer loved to blow things up – particularly sheep. Later, he was drafted into the troll army, where they gave him LOTS of things to blow up. However, Boomer realized the sole mission of the army was war and conquest. Even though he was a troll, these things didn’t interest him. So he left the trolls after saving a town from being destroyed by them. Not long after, he was invited to be a Skylander – the only troll ever to win such an honor. Now he uses his explosive skills to fight evil… much to the relief of sheep everywhere.


His strength is good, it is at 70. His defense stat is 50. His weakest stat is his 40 agility. His strongest stat is, yep, his luck.


Boomer's main ability is throwing Dynamite. If you upgrade him, you will have a triple bundle dynamite that increases damage to enemies. If you upgrade him to a Demolition Troll, you can make him throw 3 sticks of dinamite at once. He can also set Troll Bombs that explode at a certain time. He can make shock waves with his robotic arms, meaning he smashes the ground so hard, enemies around him will go flying. Thats called Troll Smash. If you upgrade him as a Clobber Troll, His smash can stun enemies so that they can't attack, and he can also hold his strength so he can do a Megaton Charge Super Smash. (One Million Tons of Pressure.)