Trigger Happy&nbsp is a dude with a really long tounge. He also has dual gold pistols of some sort. He is one of three in the starter pack along with Spyro and Gill Grunt. He is a weird mix of the colours, red and white and yellow guns.


Trigger Happy is not just his name, it’s his solution to every proble

Skylanders Trigger Happy

m. No one knows from whence he came – he simply showed up one day with his hand-crafted shooters, blasting gold coins everywhere and it’s been like ever since. And while his home is a great mystery to everyone throughout the lands, they all know him as a crazy goldslinger that will take down any bad guy… usually without bothering to aim.


His strength I would expect more from someone who uses guns. He has good Agility, its at 60. Horrible defense, its only at 20! AWESOME LUCK! Trigger Happy's luck is at 100!


Obviously, his guns. He uses his guns alot and the only other ability he has is using his extremly long tounge. He is a good shot though, with his luck at 100 and all. He is a good character to have.